Welcome to the website of Laurna Tallman where you can learn about the role of the ears, especially of the right ear, in human health and behavior.

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The Tallman Paradigm is a simple neurological concept: the flow of sound through the right-ear normally creates an energy stream that drives the left half of the brain to dominate the right half of the brain in their integrative processes. This website explains the basics. The books and other materials available for purchase at this site tell the story and explain in greater detail how I made that central discovery and others derived from it while attempting to heal our son Daniel. Although he had been schizophrenic for 10 years, in 2006, Daniel reached out for music. In an inspired moment, I recalled that Alfred Tomatis thought the right ear was in some ways more important than the left ear. I turned ordinary headphones into a unique (only one ear, the right ear) treatment by blocking the left earpiece with a pad of facial tissues, a technique I call “Focused Listening.” Daniel’s spectacular healing from severe schizophrenia allowed me to draw particular conclusions from my observations of Daniel, which I expanded in my further research.

Please note that I am not a physician or medically trained. I am a citizen scientist who has made important discoveries about the neurology of human behavior. The information on this site should not be construed as medical advice. If you are taking a psychiatric drug and wish to discontinue, please do so under the supervision of a doctor. My writing is transparent so that readers can compare my discoveries and views with the scientific research of others who are trying to understand the causes of human behavior and to find harmless treatments for mental illnesses. The success other people have had in applying Focused Listening to schizophrenia, bipolarity, depression, dyslexic syndrome and other illnesses supports my discovery that the strength of the ear is fundamental to mental, physical, and spiritual health.


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